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Here are the files for the first beta-test of Mahjong In Poculis 5.0 !
- Mac version (a good alternative if current one doesn't work for you)
- Windows version
- The tool to help us making translations

Only the french translation is ok. The English one contains errors and the other ones made using 'google translate' are not usable as such because I'll feeling something weird with the words I saw... So please correct files and don't hesitate to add new ones if you want your contry to be added.

The Mac webcam is not connected, temporarily.

Update 09 September 2013 : Gerard35 pointed some deficiencies and made his list of suggestions. Some of them are already online, you can download the package again. Moreover Franz did an excellent job to translate the game into German and Italian. Thanks you !

Update 28 September 2013 : A new beta version is online with new fixes and improvements. Please test it and report us all the things you don't like. Moreover if you want to translate the game into your language, you are welcome :)

Update 01 October 2013 : You can now zoom in and out, move the layout and adjust lighting of each theme. Mac version is also more stable.

Somebody for the spanish translation ?
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Here is the second preview of the new mahjong version on iPad ! This version will be identical between PC, Mac, iPad, Android and Windows 8 tablets. A beta test on PC and Mac will occur on August. Note: Mac users can be unable to launch the game since the latest Apple update, this version will solve everything as the game is entirely rewritten from scratch using another technology.

Have a nice summer !

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The end of year is coming and we are unfortunately behind schedule. You will have to wait for the first half of 2013 to be able to play the next version of Mahjong In Poculis.
Thanks to all of you who support us while we are building the new basis of the software. This new basis will allow us a lot of crazy things, including network gaming!
Happy holidays to all and a good start for next year!

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The new score system has been finalised. In the next version of Mahjong In Poculis, you'll be able to compare your performance on each layout with the other worldwide ones. Thus you'll know which levels to replay to increase your worldwide ranking.

Keep enjoying Mahjong In Poculis

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For the next version of Mahjong In Poculis, all that is possible to be optimized is optimized. Results are beyond our expectations: an Intel Core i5 gives 2000 frames per seconds and an iPad gives 350 frames per second.

As the game will be distributed to run at 60 frames per second, your processor will be used only a little and your battery won't suffer from running the game. The other good point it that we will reach our goal which is to make the game run on the low cost tablets on the market.

Have a nice day !